DOL Online services to go Offline Due to ICT Infrastructure ‘health check’
March 13, 2020
Outcome of NEDLAC Special Exco On The COVID-19 Epidemic
March 17, 2020

BKCOB and the ECPTA Respond to Covid-19

Much has already been communicated concerning the COVID-19 virus, including an official statement from the Head of State himself. Please acquaint yourself with the recommended protocols as proposed by the WHO and our own National Department of Health (DoH)

 Chamber and ECPTA,  would like to advise members of the following:

  • As things stand, business should continue with their operations as usual, until the government advises otherwise. This includes exporting and trade with foreign countries. Various protocols advised by respective organisations / business are precedent to this.
  • Remain alert and take the necessary precautions, but refrain from panicking unnecessarily as this will cause chaos and disruption. This includes spreading mis-information and encouraging rumours. Not everything you hear / read is true.
  • For any COVID-19 related information and updates, only rely on official government issued statements and reputable news sources with verifiable facts. We urge that sensibility prevail.
  • Travel only when necessary and be mindful of the risk areas / locations. Always check before departing from home, what the protocols are for your intended destination. Be mindful that travel outside of our borders and returning require authorisation.
  • The following countries are deemed as high risk, and therefore subject to the restrictions announced by the President. The Sector is required to take note of these and align accordingly: China (including. Hong Kong) / South Korea / Iran / Singapore / Australia / Italy / Spain / France / Germany / Switzerland / Netherlands / The United Kingdom / Denmark / Sweden / Norway / Belgium / Austria / USA / Canada / Brazil

Kindly note that some Chamber and ECPTA events may be affected, but any changes will be made known to members via established communication channels which include social media, newsletter, and the Chamber, ECPTA website. Further, it is recommended activities are NOT cancelled, but rather postponed.

The BKCOB issue this statement in collaboration with the ECPTA – our Provincial Tourism Agency

In the meantime, we should all follow the recommended COVID-19 procedures. 

Further information can be found on the official South African government’s COVID-19 website,