Traffic advisory : Controlled Blasting on N2 between Grahamstown and Fish River Pass on 14 and 21 June
June 12, 2018
Traffic Advisory : Controlled blasting on N2 between Grahamstown and Fish River Pass
June 18, 2018

BKCOB | Creating a Cyber Resilience Interconnected Country

The digital transformation that takes place every year poses a huge challenge to all societies and economies, where cyber policymakers are faced with many priorities, including the protection of the critical infrastructure of the business. The event held at the Blue Lagoon on Tuesday by Internet Solutions, emphasised the importance of cyber resilience interconnect where different topics where introduced and a panel for discussion was held.

In the light, cyber resilience helps us organize and provide leadership for an efficient cyber effort. The issues that were discussed in the event were matters on how to defend your business landscape and we took a look at the enemy threat vectors in our cyber society.

Executive in Cyber Resilience at IS and Continuity SA in Johannesburg, Jeremy Capell, mentioned that people happen to be the weakest links of cybercrime, either when using a donated flash drive or hot spotting from an unknown source that enables the source to control all the information in your phone or laptop.

Capell added that cyber resilience means that cybersecurity can however no longer as purely an IT issue but rather a broader and resilience plan.

“The threat is increasing daily and cybercriminals have many resources behind them, whilst many companies will be looking at security measures to prevent a breach, but organisations must put in more resources to be able to recover from the attacks” said Capell.

It was estimated that it might take an average of 270 days before the hacker becomes detected by the organisation. Hence, they emphasised that breach detection helps because then a company can be able to analyse and deal with impacts of network security breaches.

Although no Breach Notification Law has been established in South Africa, countries such as Australia do have the Laws and they are active.

Written by: Asavela Fekema
Communications Intern
Border-Kei Chamber of Business