Succesful recovery Operation in Port of Durban

12 October 2017
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Transnet Rfp

Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) is pleased to inform you that marine operations at the Port of Durban have been partially resumed following disruptions caused by inclement weather experienced on Tuesday, 10 October.

As of yesterday, they TNPA have declared 80% of the navigable area of the Port safe for marine operations.

Sounding surveys that were conducted indicate that there is some obstruction on the seabed that could pose risk to navigation. In the interest he interest of ensuring safe navigation of vessels, operations have commenced in channels that are clear from obstruction.

"We are extremely appreciative of the excellent collaboration between TNPA and various stakeholders who acted Quickly and efficiently to partially restore normality at the port. Our immediate focus is to continue with the implementation of the recovery operations," says a letter from TNPA to stakeholders.