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March 4, 2019
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March 5, 2019

Business assistance to Enoch Mgijima

04 March 2019

This serves to confirm the current status of assistance as per the request from Enoch Mgijima.

  1. Three x chainsaw, eight weed killers will be assessed by Mowtique and those that can be fixed will be done so by them.
  2. 50 Liters of Budu weed killer was sponsored by Border irrigation
  3. The request was for 4x 25L knapsacks. I was advised by Aiden that we get them in 16l or 20l sacks only
  4. We agreed that we will not be looking at fixing the swimming pool
  5. I also tried to get lime sponsored but Border irrigation said it is quite expensive and it will be best if the municipality uses chalk for marking the cemetery.
  6. I have a commitment from Tyres & more and Hi-Q Queenstown to the fix punctures of the 2 tractors.
  7. I tried to get hold of the acting director for community services to get the sizes of the 2 tyres of the front-end loader so that I can look for sponsorship for it.

I am having some trouble getting people to assist with the clutch kits, starters and radiator. It is a bit of a problem because the municipality is owing quite a few places in town, but I will go meet with 3 companies today and will report back what they have said.

Kind regards,

Adré Bartis

BKCOB | Komani Office Administrator