Education Committee

Current Issues being tackled within the Education Committee:

Advisory Boards and Stakeholders
Tertiary Education
Secondary Education
Early Childhood Development (ECD)
Literacy: Numeracy: Maths and Science Activities
Skills Training / SETA’s
Infrastructure and Planning (with reference to future activities.)

Chairman's Report

Gavin Ferreira, The Education Station

The Education Committee is made up of representatives from all sectors of the education spectrum, from Early Childhood Development through to tertiary institutions such as the University of Fort Hare (UFH) and Walter Sisulu University (WSU), along with all the major private colleges.

Committee members are seconded to serve on the Eastern Cape Education Advisory Council as well as the Department of Education’s Quality Learning and Teaching Committee. These committee members then provide feedback to the rest of the Education Committee.

We believe that business people in the Border-Kei region can assist with improving education for all by engaging with their employees around education. Ensuring that all employee's children are enrolled at school, that parents (employees) are playing an active role in ensuring that their children are being engaged at home around discipline, respect, listening in class and completing homework tasks. Further to this, advocacy programmes should be implemented in work places that are built around the “pride of being a parent”. There are too many absent parents in society at the moment and this does not lend itself to disciplined and structured children in the classroom and this in turn leads to poor results.

We are also focused on ensuring that a strong emphasis be placed on Artisan instruction and are currently considering how to go about engaging Government with a view to the opening of technical colleges in the area.