Infrastructure Committee

The Infrastructure Committee (I-Comm) focuses on a wide range of current issues including the climate surrounding roadfreight, rail, telecommunications as well as public transport in the Border-Kei region. I-Comm also focuses on specific projects in the area, namely the development of tertiary education, the Invest Buffalo City Project and spatial development to name a few.

If you have any specific issues you wish to raise regarding, please contact Chamber on

Chairman's Report

Chairperson: Johan Burger - East London Industrial Development Zone

Road Freight

It was reported that Kempston Group are working together with the Office of the Premier on the transport driving academy who’s aim is to understand the core concepts of driving from a grassroots – the course lasts 6 months where after they graduate with a Code 14 drivers licence as well as requisite experience in order to be gainfully employed.

The recent transportation of wind turbines from the port of Coega, was so professionally carried out that it has resulted in the turbines from round 2 and 3 of the bids to be rerouted from Cape Town to Coega for transportation.

Fleet Street upgrade

It was reported that Chamber have been extremely vocal on the proposed Fleet Street upgrade, with specific concerns around the make-up of the tender, the contractor as well as the bottle-neck of the traffic which would ensue considering the volumes of traffic on that road.

Chamber advised that two letters of concern around these issues and requesting a meeting with the City Manager to raise the concerns have neither yielded neither a response nor a confirmation of receipt following hand delivery to the City Manager’s Office. It was agreed that should there still be no communication from the City Manager’s office in this regard, it would leave Chamber no option but to go to the press.


It was reported that Kei Rail was again operational.