Tourism Committee

The Tourism Committee focuses on all travel and hospitality issues within the Border-Kei region such as Social Tourism, Travel Tourism as well as all developments in the Hospitality sector. As Sports Tourism is such an important sector, a sub-committee focusing only on Sports Tourism has been created and is chaired by acclaimed athlete Bob Norris.

The Tourism Committee is actively looking to grow its numbers, so if you are are member in good standing involved in Travel or Hospitality and want to join this committee please contact Chamber on

Chairman's Report

Madeleine Roux - General Manager, Southern Sun Hemingways

The Tourism Committee has committed to drive very specific goals and to create the momentum required to achieve these goals.
One goal has been to creating a major events calendar for East London which will host dates and event information, which can be used by event organisers to identify any overlapping events which might encroach on the public’s ability to support these events. The calendar will also be open to the public for viewing.

We have identified the purpose, criteria and type of events which this calendar will host, as well as whom the major role players would be.
A business breakfast was hosted in order to inform the major role players, but sadly the majority of them did not attend this event. There was most certainly a great interest from the public and media who did attend, and we were pleased that this was the start of creating the awareness towards the calendar.

With every project there are many things that require resolve and we are still in the process of finding the most suitable web platform, as well as defining how the funding will work for the calendar.
We look forward to touching base with the major role players soon in order to filter any requirements or questions they might have.

Our second goal, which will receive more focus in the 2nd quarter of this year, is to offer our support to the BCMM Tourism Department. We have received the support requirements from them, and will assist to drive a general tourism campaign in order to better market East London. This support will also include collaborative marketing, specific campaigns, and linking this with SATOUR.

An overview of the February BKCOB Sports Committee.

BKCOB Sports Committee