“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Walt Disney



Chairperson: Lauren Brady (Olivewood Private Estate & Golf Club) 

The Operations and Marketing Committee handles the Operational activities of the Chamber and the Marketing of Chamber activities. 

It takes care of all Chamber social events such as Chamber Breakfasts, the Annual Dinner, Awards dinners, Expo’s , Networking evenings etc. 

It also handles all aspects of communication between Chamber and its members and between Chamber and the general public, including the publication of the Business Hi-Lite magazine, and keeps members constantly informed of Chamber activities. 


Chairperson: Johan Burger 

The Infrastructure Committee (I-Comm) focuses on a wide range of current issues including the climate surrounding roadfreight, rail, telecommunications as well as public transport in the Border-Kei region. 

I-Comm also focuses on specific projects in the area, namely the development of tertiary education, the Invest Buffalo City Project and spatial development to name a few. 

If you have any specific issues you wish to raise regarding, please contact Chamber on commadmin@bkcob.co.za 


Chairperson: Rory Haschick (ECDC) 

The Manufacturing, Economic Affairs and Trade (MEAT) committee has a wide, diverse mandate. 

Each of the portfolios have a coordinator upon whom it is incumbent to report back. The portfolios are open to members to raise issues, problems and/or difficulties. 

Members are encouraged to forward their issues to the Chamber on commadmin@bkcob.co.za 


Chairperson: Sean Allam (CloudStrength) 

The Border-Kei Chamber of Business (BKCOB) most recent committee is a forum which deals with all matters revolving around energy. This includes both the generation of energy by Independent Power Producers (IPPs) as well as the industrial and manufacturing side of this sector. The Energy Forum has established itself as a voice piece for business and the community which will be able to channel its thoughts and intentions through the forum to reach municipalities, government entities (such as Eskom), Provincial and National Government. The forum has presented comments on energy matters such as Fracking in the Karoo and it has the people, the environment and business at the heart of all its efforts. […] 


Chairperson: Charmaine Weyers (Airports Company SA) 

The Tourism Committee focuses on all travel and hospitality issues within the Border-Kei region such as Social Tourism, Travel Tourism as well as all developments in the Hospitality sector. As Sports Tourism is such an important sector, a sub-committee focusing only on Sports Tourism has been created and is chaired by acclaimed athlete Bob Norris. 

The Tourism Committee is actively looking to grow its numbers, so if you are a member in good standing involved in Travel or Hospitality and want to join this committee please contact Chamber on commadmin@bkcob.co.za 


Chairperson: Kevin Marlow (Vision Consulting) 

The Employment Relations Forum Committee (ERF) serves as the body dealing with all Labour Relations and HRM issues as well as focusing on the Siyakhana HIV/AIDS project. 

The ERF Committee has recently re-invented itself with the aim of enhancing the focus of specific disciplines, by way of forming portfolios within the ERF committee, within the field of Human Resources Management.