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November 25, 2019
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Court Gives EMLM Reprieve from Planned Electricity Outages

Whilst the business sector and residents in Komani struggle under challenging circumstances, with regular electricity and water outages sometimes for as long as three days at a time, it is comforting to learn that the Border-Kei Chamber of Business in the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (EMLM) has been awarded a reprieve by the Grahamstown High Court, from planned electricity outages, to the Region.

The urgent interdict lodged by the Border-Kei Chamber of Business, was upheld and so giving much needed time to stakeholders who desperately work on finding solutions that include payment of the massive outstanding arrear between Eskom and EMLM.

The BKCOB, Let’s Talk Komani, as well as all other structures urge residents, business and the public sector to pay their outstanding accounts, a step necessary to finance the massive backlogs in broken and dilapidated infrastructure.