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Economy is tough and a lot of companies cannot afford bonuses etc., how to keep the employees engaged and motivated and optimize productivity.
Staff retention is only for the good staff, real issue is getting rid of the deadwood and under-performers.

Let’s talk about work ethic, is it coming back into the workplace?

Date 22Aug 2017
Time 07:30 to 09:00
Cost R200.00
Cost to members R150.00
Venue Chamber House, Beacon Bay
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Dion Chang

DION CHANG // The Game of Change: New industries and the new skills required to drive these industries.

Nothing is going to be the same as before. The Tectonic plates of business have shifted and game changing technologies have spawned new industries and agile, start-up companies. Traditional value chains have collapsed and the new way of doing business is by disrupting, but that requires a unique skill set. The HR goal posts have moved and the ripple effect will impact across all industries and, more importantly, education.

To give businesses a powerful advantage, Flux Trends specialises in exploring, analysing and unpacking the dynamics and impact of business disruption. In this new trend presentation we dive deeper and examine the new skills required to run these agile companies and the blowback effect it will have on the entire education system.

Flux Trends has prepared a unique trend presentation in which we will share our observations, insights and guidance, in-depth, specifically for corporate companies.

MEMBERS (in good standing) @ R450.00 per person (inc vat) - Book a table of 10 & only pay for 9

NON- MEMBERS @ R600.00 per person (inc vat) / @ R6000.00 per table of 10

Date 24Aug 2017
Time 07:45 to 10:00
Cost R600.00
Cost to members R450.00
Venue The Venue Hemingways
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BKCOB Annual Dinner

Border-Kei Chamber of Business invite you to 


DATE Fri 15 Sept 2017
TIME 18h30 for 19h00
PLACE The Venue, Hemingways
DRESS Formal (Black & White with a Pop of Red)
COST R420 per person
RSVP by Mon 11 Sept 2017 - to Jacqui : members@bkcob.co.za

Date 15Sep 2017
Time 06:30 to 10:30
Cost to members R420.00
Venue The Venue Hemingways
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EL Networking : Oct

The EL Chair and Committee Members of BORDER-KEI CHAMBER OF BUSINESS
Request the pleasure of your company at our Networking Evening

Date 19Oct 2017
Time 06:00 to 08:00
Venue Osner Hotel
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Business Hub @ The Hub: How to hold employees accountable for their contribution, and not the result – PRESENTER Josh Hayman

How to hold employees accountable for their contribution, and not the result. – Josh Hayman

Legitimate Leadership believes that excellent results are largely a function of how willing employees are to make an above and beyond contribution to the organization’s goals and objectives.
The difficulty with this is that results are more often that not a collective effort, and leaders often hear excuses or reasons why the job could not be done, many of which relate to things the employee deems as “beyond their control”. Accountability for contribution is about focusing attention on what the employee is actually in control of; literally - what sits in his or her hands.

We will explore how shifting accountability away from results and on to contribution so that ultimately, reward or censure is uniquely and appropriately commensurate with the actual contribution each employee makes.

Date 19Sep 2017
Time 07:30 to 09:00
Cost R200.00
Cost to members R150.00
Venue Chamber House, Beacon Bay
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BKCOB Annual Golf Challenge

For more info, contact Jacqui for an application form (email here)

Date 03Nov 2017
Time 08:17 to 08:17
Venue EL Golf Course
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