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December 9, 2019
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December 11, 2019

Fire at The Hub Business Complex!

Tenants at the Hub business complex in Beacon Bay woke up to a blaze that destroyed Guest Resource Services on Tuesday Morning.

Guest Resource Services is an accredited  provider, specialising in Supervisory, Management and Project Management training. 

Workers within The Hub complex watched in horror as the smoke within GRS reached heightened levels. The cause of the fire is not yet known but there are reports suggesting that there was an electrical fault with the Air Conditioner within the building. An official statement about the cause of the fire has not yet surfaced. .

Calvin Edwards, of Salon Dog, a pet grooming company next to GR, said it appeared as if the blaze started in the kitchen.

“We share a wall with them. Our first step was to get all the animals to safety. Once we returned the wall was quite cool. Our biggest fear was that a gas bottle would explode.”

Firefighters were on the scene before 8am, parking in Bonza Bay Road, which had been closed off to traffic. Water jets were concentrated on to the fire, spraying over the wall.

The fire is believed to have affected certain businesses near the place of the incident. Nicole Tar from Logan Pools gave her thoughts on how the fire incident affected productivity within their workplace. 

“Between 8AM and 11AM, we could not work and we could not perform, and this affected productivity. The fire did not just cause productivity to slow down. Certain phone cables within the workplace were burnt which meant we could not make phone calls to clients and other people associated with the business.”

Zukile Lumkwana from Pure Vida added: “We were affected by what happened at Guest Resource Services. We had to start work after 1PM and that had a negative effect on the business. In other targets and objectives for the day were not fulfilled and it does affect the profits of the business and productivity as a whole.”

The matter is currently being investigated.