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November 6, 2019
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November 6, 2019

Invitation to the Buffalo City Geographical Name Change Consultative Meetings

All esteemed stakeholders located in Buffalo City are hereby notified of a stakeholder consultative meeting on application for standardization of names for geographical features that, are located within the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality, which is being convened by the Buffalo City Metropolitan Geographical Names Committee (BCMGNC), a sub-committee of the ECPGNC. The meetings will be held on the: 

  • 06 November 2019 at 14:00 in Berlin at the Berlin City Hall and King William’s Town at 17:00 at the War Memorial Hall. 
  • 07 November 2019 in East London at the Orient Theatre at 15:00. It is expected that each stakeholder will be represented by a few representatives at the meeting 

A schedule of consultations is attached along with this correspondence that explain the area, time, and venue and, names that will be considered amongst others that will considered on the day of the consultations

It must also be emphasised that the stakeholder consultative meeting is not meant to take decisions on whether any application that will be presented there must or must not be supported. Rather the key purpose is: 

  1. To provide stakeholders with a clear background on what the BCMGNC is, what its mandate is how it carries out the mandate.
  2. To present applications for standardization of geographical names that have been received by the Committee from members of the public; Buffalo City Metropolitan: 17 Commissioner Street, Old Elco Building, East London, 5200 Eng: NNI Makitshi Tel: 043 492 1788 Cell: 066 305 1328 Email: Ndileka.
  3. To receive and present additional application/s that each may bring along to the meeting;
  4. To assist, beef-up background information that has been furnished by the applicants and by the BCMGNC
  5. To clarify the processes that should be followed in ensuring that the applications are thoroughly researched and then subjected to public hearings; and
  6. To equip stakeholder representatives with information that will assist informed discussions and views on the applications at constituency levels in preparation for public hearing on the application on a date that may be agreed upon at the meeting 
  7. Written confirmations of receipts of this notice by each stakeholder will be highly appreciated. These may be e-mailed to Ms Besengile at, Mrs Makitshi at & Mr Kwinana at