I/We apply to be admitted as a member of the Border-Kei Chamber of Business. I/We declare that I/We have the authority to act on behalf of and to bind the applicant and that, if admitted as a member; I/We will be bound by the Constitution and Rules and Regulations of the Chamber, in operation during our term of membership. I/We acknowledge that resignations must be submitted in writing before 31 November, failing which the full subscription for the following year will be payable.

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    Membership Structure & Fees:

    Membership fees must accompany this application form and annual membership is automatically renewed upon payment of membership fees. Fees quoted within this application are only valid until end October of the respective year.

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    Banking Details:

    Account Name : Border-Kei Chamber of Business
    Bank Name : Standard Bank
    Branch Name : East London
    Branch Code : 050021
    Account Number: 081082894

    Proof of payment/deposit must be faxed to 043 748 1507 or emailed to

    Terms & Conditions of Membership:

    1. Membership fees are payable on application to the Border-Kei Chamber of Business. Membership fees are calculated on an annual basis and cannot be refunded.
    2. Approval of membership is at the sole discretion of the Border-Kei Chamber of Business Executive Committee.
    3. Membership renewal fees are payable within 30 days of the annual renewal invoice. Should said fees not be paid timeously, Border-Kei Chamber of Business reserves the right to suspend all membership benefits.
    4. Notice of resignation of membership must be submitted in writing, signed by Management and received by the Chamber one month prior to renewal date failing which, the full membership fee for the ensuing year will be payable. Resignation will only be accepted if account is in good-standing.
    5. It remains the member's sole responsibility to notify the Border-Kei Chamber of Business, in writing, of any changes within the members organization (change of address, contact details etc).
    6. Members may use the Border-Kei Chamber of Business logo to indicate membership or support of the Chamber, but not to suggest Border-Kei Chamber of Business' endorsement of any kind. Consent to use the logo must be obtained from the Chamber, who must be informed of and approve all uses.

    Code of Business Conduct:

    As a member of the Border-Kei Chamber of Business, I/We recognize that membership is a privilege and that membership brings with it the responsibility to assure that all members understand and commit to the following undertaking. This code of conduct shall, without limitation, members to: o Conduct business and professional activities in a reputable manner so as to reflect honorably on the business community o Respect the reputation, profile and status of the Border-Kei Chamber of Business and represent the Chamber accordingly o Understand, support and promote the Vision and Mission of the Border-Kei Chamber of Business and cooperate with fellow members in the application of this Code of Conduct o Whenever reasonably possible, participate in the functions and activities of the Chamber and promote the enhancement of business growth within the Border-Kei region o Observe the highest standards of ethics in rendering services and/or offering products for sale, based on the members own knowledge and expertise o Refrain from engaging in any practices prohibited by law or seeking unfair advantage over fellow members o Refrain from publicly disparaging the business practices of fellow members and refrain from condoning or engaging in misrepresentation or unethical practices o Conduct business in a fair and ethical manner, respecting the dignity rights of clients As a member of the Border-Kei Chamber of Business, we subscribe to this Code of Business Conduct and undertake to pay the stipulated fees and abide by the terms and conditions as laid down by the Border-Kei Chamber of Business

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