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February 5, 2019
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February 13, 2019

National Empowerment Fund (NEF) SMME entrepreneurship training – East London

The National Empowerment Fund is offering a dynamic SMME entrepreneurship training programme. This training falls within the pre-investment business unit at the NEF. This integrated programme consists of business and finance modules and includes personal mastery to personally develop the entrepreneurs. We will be conducting training in the Eastern Cape, East London – towards the first week of March 2019. The training is offered free of charge to the entrepreneurs.

As part of our strategy to recruit entrepreneurs in the shortest possible time, We are engaging various organisations and companies around Western Cape. Part of the mandate of the NEF is to train entrepreneurs from peri-urban and rural areas.  We would like to request your assistance to recruit entrepreneurs on your database. We would appreciate it you can share your database with us so that we can invite the entrepreneurs to attend the training, Alternatively, we can share our registration link to distribute to your members to register.

Our target for East London is 60 companies. So please feel free to put us in touch with as many entrepreneurs that are within travelling distance to East London

We require the Entrepreneurs Name and Company Name, Email address if they do have and a Cellphone number. We will then send them an invitation to the training programme. The dates have not been firmed up as yet but it will be towards the end of February.

All sectors are welcome as business principles are the same no matter which industry the SMME’s are operating in…

The programme is 6 weeks, attending only 2 times a week and the participants also have an opportunity to have one on one mentorship with our mentors and to pitch for funding at the end of training.

The feedback we have received from the current and past participants of our programme has been extremely positive and it has made a real impact to the participants. We are looking forward to working with entrepreneurs in the Eastern Cape.


Nobuhle Mary Mtungwa | Project Coordinator | TEL: 011 086 0629 | CELL: 076 884 9181 | FAX: 086 768 9844

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Training Programme Overview

Start Up Programme

When the start-up programme was designed, we asked ourselves and others, what are some the things you wish you knew when you started a business. Based on those answers we designed a programme that would address those issues, thereby better preparing an entrepreneur to run a business.

  • The Start Up programme is designed for the early phase entrepreneurs from 0 – 2 years in business. Even those who have not even registered a business can attend to assist them to lay a proper foundation before starting their business.
  • The programme is 6 weeks long and includes the business and finance modules as well as mentorship. There modules that are more advanced that are in the Emerging that have not been included in the Start Up e.g. Operations and Business Processes, Customer Experience, Procurement and supplier management. However, there are modules that have been included in the Start Up that are not in the Emerging Entrepreneur Programme. These modules are “Funding Models for a business”, Personal Finances, Why Businesses Fail and Problem Solving.
  • Modules highlighted in yellow are the same for both programmes, however, the approach is slightly different. The content is made easier to understand and ensure participants have a few important principles they walk away with. The modules in blue are the different modules and are specific to each programme.
Start Up
Target Market 0 – 2 years
Duration 6 weeks
Number of Modules 14
List of Modules Ice Breaker and Introductions, Business Idea Validation AND Personal Mastery
Business Model and Business Model Canvas
Product and Service Design and Innovation
How to make money in any economy?


Business Compliance, Legal Requirements and Obligations
Understand your customer and Customer Segmentation AND Validating your product and offering with customers
Calculate the costs and price products or services
Budgeting and Cashflow Management


Elevator Pitch Training Session
Personal Finances
Financial Statements
Business Funding Models
Why Businesses Fail?
Problem solving
Business Environment, Industry Analysis AND Marketing