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July 16, 2018
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July 17, 2018

NMU’s R18 million green power plant partnership

Nelson Mandela University is creating an innovative R18-million green power plant, which is being established at the South Campus this month.

The power plant is looking at producing 1740 MWh of electricity in a year; the core value of this plant is to create an increasingly more sustainable way of using electricity.

Essentially, this is a 10-year partnership between Tasol Solar and the University, where the University will be taking over the plant after the 10-year mark.

This new plant would cover the University’s lowest usage demand during the year and will become a long-term goal in trying not to increase the electricity usage but to rather look at ways to bring it down further.

Sustainability Engineer, Andre Hefer added that over the past years the University has been focusing on innovative ways to generate and to use renewable energy.

“This new power plant shows our intent to grow the seriousness of our sustainable efforts”, said Hefer.

The University is looking at creating a green environment in the University with the talks of an interactive centre that will be linked to the new power plant, to give insight as to how energy is created.

Written by: Asavela Fekema
Communications Intern
Border-Kei Chamber of Business