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July 16, 2018
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July 17, 2018

PwC – Executive directors: Practices and remuneration trends report

We would like to share the 10th edition of our Executive directors: Practices and remuneration trends report with all of our clients and board members.

Executive remuneration is a multifaceted issue which has perennially caused significant debate among shareholders, business groups and the wider public.

It is often perceived to be excessive and unjust when measured against performance and remuneration across the rest of the organisation, and the opacity of remuneration disclosure among some South African companies only adds to this perception.

Remuneration reporting trends and the dynamics around say on pay in South Africa have changed since the introduction of the amended JSE Listings Requirements. We discuss these developments and how the influence of proxy voting agencies over international investor voting decisions has been called into question.

Executive Director Report | Press Release