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August 21, 2018
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August 21, 2018

Terreco’s Louise Jupp, “Precision Farming from Above” now available for purchase

Exciting News – Book Launch

I am very excited to tell you my book, ‘Precision Farming from Above’ has been released on Kindle and Amazon.  It is currently the ‘No 1 Hot New Release’ for its category in the US!

I wrote this book to show farmers world-wide what commercial drone surveying can do for their businesses.   It unpacks the technology in a user-friendly way and covers topics such as the differences between recreational drone uses and commercial drone uses, the range of information farmers can obtain about their crops and soils and the ways in which they can be more efficient and productive as a consequence.  It also covers drone laws and the potential risks associated with using illegal operators or being illegal.

Firstly, the book is at a good price (USD 1.14 or approximately ZAR16) at this time.  Secondly, I would really like to get a global ranking for the book.  This is not for my benefit.   If I can get a global ranking, then Amazon will actively promote the book.  This will mean more farmers will understand the value of drones for their business, understand the risks associated with using amateur operators and the consequences of breaking the civil aviation laws – even if by accident.

Please help me to get to number 1 and spread the word to all farmers.

Here’s the link: https://amzn.to/2vLjRJV

Or go directly to www.amazom.com or www.amazon.co.uk or our webpage www.terrecoaviation.co.za

[By the way, you don’t need a Kindle device as you can read Kindle books on any laptop or smart device with the Kindle app.]

Thank you.

PS – Keep an eye on our social media over the next couple of days where I shall post progress.