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April 20, 2018
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April 23, 2018

The SME Toolkit SA | Business Partners Limited

In 2017, Business Partners Limited obtained the ownership of the toolkit, and today the SME Toolkit SA is one of the most comprehensive sources of support and information for SMEs in the country. The SME Toolkit SA acts as a free, all-in-one resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners, providing them with “how to” articles, business forms, free software tailor made for SMEs, online training, and information resources that have been created by leading experts in the industry such as Sanlam and Business Partners Limited. The toolkit is freely-accessible to any individual with an internet connection, and all of the resources (including templates and downloads) are provided at no cost to you or your members. These resources enable individuals to improve their knowledge of all aspects of starting and managing a business, including creating an effective business plan, accounting, financial management, human resources, import and export, legal and insurance issues, marketing, sales, operations, and information technology.

As a business chamber a large part of the Border-Kei Chamber of Business’s role is to provide a network or group of entrepreneurs and business owners with the support, exposure, and assistance needed for them to successfully establish and grow themselves and their businesses.  Thus, expanding the wealth of knowledge available to the entrepreneurs and small business owners you support.

Please visit the SME Toolkit SA at