BKCOB | Eskom to turn fortunes around

BKCOB | Eskom to turn fortunes around

The big power utility company has high hopes that it will turn its fortunes around, this is shortly after a decision made by the rating agency Moody.

Eskom has been downgraded by the Moody rating a downgrade and claiming that it remains resolute in turning its fortunes around.

Chief Financial Officer at Eskom, Calib Cassim, mentioned that the company remains hopeful of its turning liquidity position around.

“We are very much enthusiastic that the company will improve the liquidity position that it is currently in”, said Cassim.

Eskom is currently aware of the challenges it is facing at the moment, however they are confident that they will restore a positive market.

Written by: Asavela Fekema
Communications Intern
Border-Kei Chamber of Business

BKCOB | Eskom to turn fortunes around

BKCOB | Fuel Prices to decrease in February

Motorists all over South Africa can look forward to cheaper fuel prices starting in February, all thanks to the drastic increase of the rand in January 2018.

The rand has been at its lowest since the year 2015, but since January it has gone up, making the fuel price to drop by 32c and 17c a litre in the month end. And paraffin is expected to decrease by 20c.

Head of Energing Market Spot Trading at Standard Bank, Warrick Butler, said three months ago the country was in a total junk status.

“But today the mood of the country has drastically changed to 180 degrees”, said Butler.

Looking at the fuel prices in the previous year, this year has the highest fuel price in the history of South Africa. In December 2017 the petrol had reached its all time record high of R14,76 a litre.

Written by: Asavela Fekema
Communications Intern
Border-Kei Chamber of Business

Upgrading of National Route N2 between Grahamstown and Fish River Pass

Port Elizabeth, 24 January 2018: The South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL) would like to notify travellers of controlled blasting which is scheduled to take place on the N2 Section 13, between Grahamstown and the Fish River, tomorrow, Thursday, 25 January 2018, weather permitting.

Blasting will take place between 2pm and 4pm. The road will be closed for approximately one hour during this time.

The blasts will occur at various places along the N2 between KM 81 and KM 90 that is between 25 km and 35 km east of Grahamstown. “Motorists are advised to plan their journeys accordingly,” said Mbulelo Peterson, SANRAL Southern Region Manager.

Controlled blasting on the N2 between Dutywa and Mthatha

Eastern Cape, 23 January 2018: The South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL) would like to notify travellers that controlled blasting is scheduled to take place between Dutywa and Mthatha on Thursday, 25 January 2018 at approximately 12 noon.

The blast will take place at approximately 41 kilometres from Dutywa when travelling towards Mthatha in the Mtentu Cuttings.

The road will be closed during the blast. The duration of the closure will be kept as short duration as possible, but the road could be closed up to a maximum of two hours.

Motorist travelling eastwards, towards Mthatha may consider utilising either of the following two alternative routes by exiting the N2 at Ndabakazi on to the R409 towards Ngqamakwe/ Tsomo or via the R408 at Dutywa towards Ngcobo. Both routes link to the R61 and then re-join the N2 in Mthatha.

Similarly, motorists travelling westwards, towards East London may consider using the R61 when leaving Mthatha and then link back to the N2 via either R408 after Ngcobo or R409 towards Tsomo. The alternative route is 60 kilometres longer and may add approximately 40 minutes to your trip between East London and Mthatha.

“Motorists are asked to plan their trips accordingly and to use caution when making use of the road,” said Mbulelo Peterson, SANRAL Southern Region’s Manager.

SANRAL apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Survey : Membership Info Update

Survey : Membership Info Update

As the BKCOB, our most important stakeholder is YOU, the businesses that drive our local economy and keep it ticking. Communicating with you is vitally important to us and every now and then gremlins creep into the system and we need to ensure that we have your correct details.

We have also just updated our website – www.bkcob.co.za – and would like to make sure our membership database is 100% accurate for the public to view.

Please take a few moments to answer 10 quick questions, to make sure we have all your correct details here : https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6KRJYV9

We ask that we please have all updated info by latest 31 Jan 2018, look forward to your response.