Media Statement by Border-Kei Chamber of Business : Municipal Strike, Buffalo City and Komani (EMLM)

Media Statement by Border-Kei Chamber of Business : Municipal Strike, Buffalo City and Komani (EMLM)

Counting the cost of the recent long and violent strikes amounts not just to money, but equally to factors such as Investor / Business confidence and negative publicity.

The Border-Kei Chamber of Business, representing business in Buffalo City and Komani hold the view that the respective strikes were unnecessary and avoidable. Furthermore, suggest that the demands by the employees whether legitimate or not, could have been resolved using the recognised and agreed channels, not least declaring a formal dispute and applying for consent to strike.

The cost of the strike / s must be calculated and recovered, as should the principle of No Work – No Pay, be applied. It should NOT be the ratepayers that foot the cost of this strike.

Business are saying the LRA is very clear and applies to all sectors, with no exception.

Issued by:

L Holbrook

Executive Director


Media Statement by the Executive Mayor of BCMM Regarding Progress in Dealing with the Workers Strike

Media Statement by the Executive Mayor of BCMM Regarding Progress in Dealing with the Workers Strike

06 December 2018

Residents of Buffalo City, Good Evening

We thought that we should brief the public about the discussions that have been ongoing between the main labour unions of the city and the municipality. We have been locked in fruitful but intense discussions with the intention of resolving the ongoing impasse in the city. We do this knowing that the amount of money we will be committing to any agreement is coming from you as residents of the metro, through rates and taxes.
We want to firstly appreciate the patience showed in the period of the strike, even during moments where electricity and water was illegally terminated for some parts of the metro. I want to once more apologise to residents and business for the destruction of services. The vandalism and violence that characterised the strike deserves the harshest condemnation and still believe that the people who committed criminal acts should be brought to book.
We have always emphasised the point that we are committed to resolving all the issues that led to the strike in a manner that is sustainable for the city. It is our view that finalising a worker strike to the detriment of development for the citizens and the ratepayers is an automatic creation of a massive strike by the people of the metro.
We are making this point because our commitment for the development of the city is done through a careful balance between keeping the necessary levels of morals in our staff in order for them to do their work whilst implementing developmental projects. We therefore aim to remunerate our workers well but not to the detriment of service delivery.
After three weeks of tension and negotiations we were able to agree on the following main matters with the workers unions:

On the Permanent Absorption of Temporary Workers
The municipality will start a process of absorbing all 365 temporary employees, starting with the ones that are in vacant funded positions. Currently there are approximately 365 temporary employees and the absorption of those in funded posts will not require additional budget. The amount of money to be spent on the absorption of temporary employees amounts to R61 million per annum. This will see these workers getting the municipality’s contribution on pensions, medical aid and life cover.

On the Bonus on ‘Salary 2’
The Local Labour forum discussed a demand by the South African Municipal Workers Union for a payment of a bonus on Salary 2, which was a result of a collective agreement concluded in March 2017 for the standardization of salaries.

We have agreed that the bonus will be paid on Salary 2 with effect from December 2018 onwards. The amount will be payable in the anniversary month of employees. The payment of the Bonus on Salary 2 is estimated to cost approximately R18 million per year.

On Implementation of Job Evaluation
With regards to the implementation of Job Evaluation, we have agreed that the process will be expedited with the first batch subject to be released in December. The payment on the Job Evaluation results will be given effect from the adjustment budget that will be made in February 2019 and in subsequent financial years, a specific budget line item on implementation of job evaluation will be budgeted for.

The implementation of the first job evaluation results will be implemented with effect from 1 November 2018 to June 2019 and back payments will be made from March 2019. The back payments for those will be done from the 1st of July 2015.

On Ex-Gratia Once-Off Payment
We noted the demand of the workers regarding the payment of a once-off amount of R100 000 and the claim that this is intended to address the delay of the Job Evaluation process. We held a firm view that the payment of such an amount will not be affordable for the municipality. After deliberations and with the interest of ending the impasse we made a proposal of a once-off payment of R10 000. This was finally accepted by the municipality and it will cost an amount of about R60 Million.

These are the outcomes of our discussions with the unions and we are happy to announce that at their meeting this morning, both Imatu and SAMWU accepted these outcomes of the Local Labour Forum with certain conditions. We spent our last meeting with the union throughout the afternoon addressing the conditions that have been placed by the workers in order for them to sign the final agreement.
Overall the agreement will cost the municipality an amount of around R200 Million and some of the costs will be recurring in the subsequent financial years. We are highlighting this figure in order to indicate the gravity of the decision and this explains why the process took time to be finalised. All the issues will be taken to the council of our metro for finalisation.
We once more want to apologise to the people and business of Buffalo City Metro for the inconvenience, tension and strain that the strike caused in our city. We are now at the final stages of finalising the agreement with the unions having their last meeting tomorrow with a commitment to formalising the agreement by tomorrow afternoon.
This means that with effect from this weekend, we will be restoring all of our services to full operation. We will work overtime to clean our industrial and residential areas across the city. Our call centre and our fault log lines will be fully operational, and we will be attending to issues of residents. We will work over the clock to ensure that a situation of this nature is avoided in future.
We are still committed to ensuring that this festive season, all our people enjoy consistent service provision and the creation of an entertainment scene. Together with our workers, we will make Buffalo City, a city to be in this festive season and a ‘Capital of Fun’. We once more thank you for patience and we plead that you enjoy the festivities that come with this period of the year with care. Drive Safe and be Responsible, our Country and City needs us next year.

We remain a city A City Hard at Work: Making Service Delivery Fashionable!

I thank you!

Statement to be attributed to:
Cllr Xola Pakati
BCMM Executive Mayor

For arranging interviews for the Mayor and for more information contact the Executive Mayor’s Spokesperson, Mr Luzuko Buku

Media Release | No stop-and-go sections on the R72 between Port Alfred and Great Fish River

Media Release | No stop-and-go sections on the R72 between Port Alfred and Great Fish River

No stop-and-go sections on the R72 between Port Alfred and Great Fish River

 Port Alfred, 06 December 2018: There will be no stop-and-go sections on the R72, section 3, between Port Alfred and Great Fish River in the Eastern Cape, from 13 December until 9 January next year, SANRAL announced.

The project, which was started in March 2015 is expected to finish in May next year and comprise the major rehabilitation of the R72 Section 3 and is located between Port Alfred at Km -1.30 and the Great Fish River at Km 27.50.

“This upgrade includes the construction of two 3.7m driving lanes, with auxiliary (climbing) lanes, and a surfaced shoulder on both sides of the new road. The new geometric design of the road has made the upgraded road safer for motorists,” said Mbulelo Peterson, SANRAL Southern Region Manager.

The completed work in the urban area of Port Alfred consist mostly of a new bitumen treated base resurfacing. An asphalt wearing course layer will complete the resurfacing. The placing of the asphalt wearing course layer will start soon but will only be completed next year. Traffic lines and markings will be painted after completion of the asphalt re-surfacing. A small portion of climbing lane is outstanding from the Port Alfred Marina to the Port Alfred High School, but this should be complete before the contractor close for the December holiday.

“Work is in progress at the new Port Alfred High School entrance. The construction of the Park Avenue intersection was delayed due to an unknown waterpipe that was damaged and will resume in the New Year.”

Sidewalks, kerb storm water inlets and kerbs should be completed from Van Riebeeck Street to Main Street and sidewalks and kerbs in the section in front of the Marina should also be complete before the contractor shuts down from 13 December 2018 to 09 January 2019. Any incomplete work in the urban and rural section will be made safe and maintained by an emergency team consisting of a Traffic Safety Officer accompanied by a skeleton team and in addition a small team selected by the contractor.

“Work on the rural section is in progress and the right-hand carriage way is in an advanced stage of completion. Ancillary work like concrete side drains and other works are in progress.

“The completion of all work, will be dependent on weather conditions,” Peterson said.

“Residents of Port Alfred and motorists travelling on the R72 between Port Alfred and the Fish River, during the December holiday period, are requested to please be aware of road signs, speed restrictions and other safety measures in place during this period.”

// end //

Media Statement by Border-Kei Chamber of Business : Municipal Strike, Buffalo City and Komani (EMLM)

TRADE NOTICE | SA Express-Flying to the Home of Legends

Dear Partner in Travel,

SA Express is proud to announce the introduction of the Johannesburg/Mthatha operations from 10 December 2018.
The airline will initially operate a daily flight excluding Saturdays from OR Tambo International with the intention of increasing frequency early in the New Year.

The new route launch aims to provide a transport system that is affordable to the community of the Eastern Cape and linking the smaller markets to the main economic hubs.

Flt No Eqp Dep STD Arr STA DOW
SA1421 CRJ200 JNB 13:00 UTT 14:30 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sun
SA1422 CRJ200 UTT 15:10 JNB 16:40 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sun

Below find timetable effective 14 January 2018.

SA1445 JNB 06:00 UTT 07:30 CR2 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri
SA1446 UTT 08:10 JNB 09:25 CR2 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri
SA1447 JNB 15:30 UTT 17:00 CR2 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sun
SA1448 UTT 17:40 JNB 19:10 CR2 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sun

Should you require any additional information pertaining to the above, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care office on 011 978 2355 or 0861 72 9227 or email
SA Express Team

Pinky Komani
Specialist: Customer Relationship

2nd Floor
E Block Offices
Airways Park
1 Jones Road

D: +2783 375 1215
F: +27 86 679 6869
C: +2783 375 1215

PWC | Faranani Training Programme.

PWC | Faranani Training Programme.

Dear Member,

The Border Kei Chamber of Commerce was requested to assist with the identification of individuals that may benefit in the below-mentioned programme (at no cost to attendees).

Please respond directly to Candice Cassels from PwC – (closing date for nominations – 14 January 2019)

Nominees may include yourself, your current suppliers or suppliers that you foresee to be potential future suppliers.

The training is focused on Women Entrepreneurs. Preference to attend the free training will be given to members and then to individuals nominated by members.