Alert: Withdrawal of Screening By Port Health Services at Domestic Departure

Port Health Services has been conducting screening at domestic depart the reopening of domestic travel at the international airports. Domestic travel resumed when the country entered alert level 3 of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

To date the country has entered alert level 1 of the pandemic following the easing of further restrictions. Although the outbreak is still ongoing, the current reports on the outbreak indicate that most province are reporting lower number of cases when compared to the numbers reported during the peak of the outbreak. 

Furthermore, with the move to alert level 1, the country has re-opened international travel in the 3 major airports. Port Health plays a major role in the monitoring of international travellers to ensure compliance with International Health Regulations, 2005 and to control the spread of communicable diseases.

Currently, Port Health officials are required to implement entry and exit screening to reduce further spread of COVID-19 and to ensure compliance with relevant health measures at all Ports of Entry. 

As a result of the re-opening of international travel and the need to minimize the risk of importation of cases through enforcement and implementation of measures introduced during alert level 1, the Department has taken a decision to withdraw the implementation of domestic screening by Port Health officials at all International Airports with effect from 23 November 2020.

It should however be noted that in line with the Disaster Management Regulations and applicable Directions, Airport Authorities are still expected to ensure compliance with COVID-19 protocols within their environment.


Invitation: Eastern Cape Regional Seminar-2-3 December 2020

 Indalo Inclusive South Africa and its project partner the Climate Innovation Centre-SA in collaboration with the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC) invites you to the Eastern Cape Indalopreneur Ecosystem Regional Seminar.  The theme for the seminar is “ Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for Climate Change Adaptation in Rural Communities”.  The Regional Seminar will further be presented in collaboration with the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF) as well as the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) as content partners.  This collaborative partnership approach will further enrich discussions and dialogue for a robust foundation of an eco-inclusive entrepreneurship foundation for the Eastern Cape Province.  

Indalo Inclusive South Africa is a lead organization in the implementation of a Government of Flanders funded project that is aimed at “reaping the potential of entrepreneurship for an Eco-Inclusive and Climate Smart Green Economy in South Africa” (ECISGE).  One of the four key components of the project is Building Ecosystem for Climate Change Adaptation entrepreneurship in South Africa.  Included as one of the activities therein is the hosting of a symposium/seminar that is primarily geared towards showcasing and convening partners and entrepreneurial ecosystem players to dialogue and develop strategies for Climate Change Adaptation.

The seminar’s objective is to contribute to ensuring that participants, entrepreneurs and ecosystem players understand their role in building an ecosystem for Climate Change Adaptation entrepreneurship as well as commit to strategies for implementation and also be part of a continued remote platform for identifying and implementing climate change adaptation policies and financing mechanisms. The seminar also aims to create linkages and identify opportunities for support of emerging Climate Change Adaptation Entrepreneurs in the province. These will be profiled through a replicator and starter award programme to be announced at the event.

The Regional Seminar will be deliberated under the below sub-themes:

  • Showcase the successes of the collaborative partnership between Indalo Inclusive South Africa and the Eastern Cape Development Corporation in the promotion, building and supporting of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship in the province
  • Engage provincial entrepreneurial ecosystem players to dialogue on strategies for incorporation and strengthening of eco-inclusive and climate smart entrepreneurship into mainstream enterprise development support initiatives, including those that are led by the ECDC
  • Facilitate dialogue and engagement among research, non-profit, private and government sector institutions with an objective of development strategic interventions that seek to identify challenges and opportunities for Climate Adaptation Policy and Financing Instruments

The Seminar will take place as follows:

Day 1: 2 December 2020 (Opening session and panel discussion from 15h00-17h00 followed by a networking cocktail)

Day 2: 3 December 2020 (parallel sessions and a panel discussion: 9h00-17h00)

Venue: East London (Conference Venue to be Confirmed) and Virtual participation will be made available

For more information please refer to the attached concept note of the seminar and the concept note for the rural climate adaptation policy and finance workshops. 

A full programme will be provided in due course.

To participate in the Regional Seminar please register through the Indalo e-learning platform via

The seminar will accommodate a limited number of people inhouse at the venue to promote observation of COVID-19 regulations  and online participation will be made available.

We look forward to receiving your registration and engaging with you further during the seminar.

Please contact us on and 012 844 0135 should you have any inquiries.

Clariter Nominated For The 2020 S&p Global Platts Global Energy Awards

An East London Industrial Development Zone SOC Ltd (ELIDZ) based investor, Clariter, has been nominated as one of the finalists in the 2020 S&P Global Platts Global Energy Awards – “Award of Excellence – Downstream” category

Clariter has been selected as a finalist in the 22nd annual S&P Global Platts Global Energy Awards, an annual affair recognizing exemplary contributions by both companies and individuals in the energy industry. The 2020 finalists, chosen from some 300 nominated entries from more than 36 countries were announced by programme host S&P Global Platts, the leading global provider of energy and commodities information and spot market benchmarks. Established in 1999 and often described as “the Oscars of the energy industry”, the S&P Global Platts Global Energy Awards highlight corporate and individual innovation, leadership and superior performance in 21 categories spanning the entire energy complex.

On the event of their nomination, Clariter Chief Operations Officer, Petra Koselka, said: “We are proud to be nominated, and it is an honour to be amongst such a prestigious group of industry leaders. We hold the firm belief that Clariter heralds the future of green petrochemical manufacturing and would like to thank S&P Global Platts for highlighting the next generation of Downstream players.”

Congratulating the 2020 Award of Excellence – Downstream finalist, ELIDZ Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Simphiwe Kondlo stated that the nomination is proof that Clariter is making meaningful strides in addressing the plastic waste crisis that is plaguing the world. “Supported by their disruptive technology, the company has found innovative ways of ensuring that plastic waste is recycled and refined for further use through an array of products such as cosmetics and wax applications.”

Furthermore, Kondlo added that Clariter’s role in the ELIDZ is more than that of just being an investor, this as both companies will  partner to create an SMME cluster, which will be  made up of a group of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises that work with the multinational corporation in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality region.

“The cluster is in two-fold, there is a group of emerging and medium-sized recycling companies that will enter into contractual agreements with Clariter for the sole purpose of collecting plastic waste for the company. The other group of companies will brand and sell the by-products which are pure industrial products such as oils, waxes, and solvents. These will then be used as drop-in ingredients in more than 1,000 different end-products, paints and coatings, leather and wood care products and even in cosmetics, replacing crude oil derived alternatives,” added Kondlo.

The winners of the 2020 Platts Global Energy Awards will be announced at a virtual celebration to be held on 10 December 2020.

Winning the award would add a feather in an already illustrated cap for Clariter, because they have been widely recognised in the industry for their contribution in ending plastic waste in the environment and reducing the demand for fossil fuels.

ELIDZ Rated The Most Advanced Eco-industrial Park In The World

As part of the East London Industrial Development Zone SOC Ltd (ELIDZ) programmatic approach to finding innovative ways of reducing our carbon footprint whilst maintaining a high rate of production, there is also a conscious effort to minimise our environmental impact.

The ELIDZ recently conducted an Eco-Industrial Park (EIP) assessment. This study conducted in collaboration with Sofies Sustainability Leaders Pvt. Ltd and the National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA), released a report which revealed that the organisation ranks as the top, most advanced and eco-friendly Zone amongst establishments of a similar nature studied across the globe.

The assessment follows a 2018 greenhouse gas emissions inventory which was conducted in collaboration with NCPC-SA and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

According to the ELIDZ Sector Manager: Renewable Energy, Chris Ettmayr, the exercise was necessitated by the zone’s obligation to sustainable environmental practices combined with a need to ensure that the IDZ remains suitable for light industries.

“The ELIDZ has been striving to measure and monitor its environmental impact from its own operations as well as those of its investors and tenants. As such, sustainable growth can only be achieved in conjunction with minimising the impact on the environment. The ELIDZ has therefore been monitoring its carbon emissions, water use and a number of other environmental as well as social impacts. It is important to monitor this over time as well, to ensure that a baseline is available and projects to mitigate any negative impacts can be implemented and measured.”

The reports key areas of assessment included the organisation’s environmental, economic and social performance.

Furthermore, Ettmayr added that the assessment is an important benchmark for the ELIDZ as it will show neighbouring communities and potential investors that the company is environmentally conscious. “The ELIDZ’s mandate is to grow the economy, but not at the peril of people and nature. With the ELIDZ ranking number one amongst the global parks already audited, it also sets the IDZ apart from other zones of similar nature and it acts as a leader for others to emulate.”

Meanwhile the report states that the ELIDZ continues to perform favourably when pitted against large proportions of the benchmarks in the International EIP Framework. 42 out of the 51 international benchmarks were fully met by the ELIDZ (82% of the total benchmarks).

“Seven benchmarks were not met and the performance against two benchmarks will be confirmed through additional data validation. With current and upcoming initiatives, the ELIDZ intends to reach a performance of 88% of the international benchmarks. These results position the ELIDZ as a leading industrial zone in South Africa transforming into an internationally recognized eco-industrial park.”

Ettmayr explained that this achievement bodes well for the Zone’s marketing efforts as both existing and future tenants who have consumers who care for the future of the planet will be drawn towards the ethos that the ELIDZ continuously strives for perfection.

“The ELIDZ is aligned to the country’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gases and being responsible with the consumption of limited resources and this sets us apart from a marketing perspective and offers a unique selling point.” 

The ELIDZ has already put plans in place to address areas of improvement identified through the assessment which will further improve the organisation’s scoring in future audits.

“We have already started with a smart street lighting project which holds numerous benefits but there is also the next phase of this project, which is going to be embarked on, where the ELIDZ will be packaging projects to be taken to bankable feasibility stage. This will really enhance the status of our park and attract a new kind of responsible tenants and customers of the future,” concluded Ettmayr.