Message By Let’s Talk Komani

We, the undersigned civil society activist groups, leading business Chamber and Forums, faithbased communities and informal farming groups in Komani/Queenstown of the Eastern Cape publicly call on those in our town, and beyond, to donate to a local food security campaign as part of the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

This food security campaign aims to mobilise grassroot people’s responses to the Covid-19 crisis and to the growing signs of hunger among citizens throughout these three areas. There are clear signs that many of our people are in distress and facing hunger due to the national lockdown declared by the President, forcing them into a position of being without a salary.

This campaign will strengthen the collaborative partnership among civic organisations at all levels to meet the daily food needs of people in communities during the lockdown period.

These civic organisations fall under the Let’s Talk Komani umbrella, representing all races and religions.

We call all residents, and especially arge businesses, foundations, educational institutions and faith-based organisations to extend a helping hand and generously share as much as you can.

Give what you can and let’s raise R178 000 by 12 April for 500 food packs that will be distributed by well known civic associations (not politicians) to the most vulnerable families in Ezibeleni, Mlungisi and Lesseyton in the week of 14-19 April 2020.
You can follow the progress on Let’s Talk Komani’s Facebook page

We urge our people to open their hearts to the plight of the poor and hungry and to give selflessly to those in need in this hour of human solidarity and compassion.
Let’s do all we can to help our people!

  1. Border-Kei Chamber of Business
  2. Muslim Community of Komani
  3. Black Management Forum Eastern Cape
  4. Komani Church Leaders Forum
  5. Komani Foreign Nationals Forum
  6. Queenstown Education Foundation
  7. Phakamisa Business Forum
  8. Farmer in the Enoch Mgijima area
  9. Queenstown Civic & Ratepayers Association
  10. Komani Residents’ Association
  11. Basic Services Group Komani
  12. VANS Community Group
  13. Various Public figures

Endorsed by:

We aim to hand out 500 food parcels that include substantial dry goods and fresh vegetables to boost the immune system.

We have collaborated with local food producers and manufacturers (including farmers), retailers’ distribution centres and a network of trust-worthy community volunteers in each of those areas to get food and hand soap flowing to those who need it most.  

Reaching our target will mean that we will be providing nutrition and increased safety to a family in communities whose elderly are vulnerable and whose children normally rely on school feeding schemes for meal support.

By donating, these families will still be able to eat even as our economy recovers from the Covid19 lockdown.

Let’s Talk Komani will spend your donation on:• Buying food at discounted prices (samp, rice, flour, beans, sugar, tea, oil and fresh vegetables• Administration (with photo reports) of the distribution channels in Ezibeleni, Mlungisi, Lesseyton and the VANS area.

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