Invite | 2019 Annual Labour Law Update
October 9, 2019
Traffic advisory |Roadworks on the R75 between Port Elizabeth and Despatch
October 14, 2019

Komani | Xonxa Dam Update

Please see a quick update from our Komani office on the Xhonxa dam project:

There has been a setback and it will cause a delay of roughly 3 weeks. The gaskets of the air release valves are leaking. There are approximately 60 valves that will need attention and there are approximately 27 gaskets on site so work can start immediately.

The borehole has been cleaned and a pump is being installed to pump water into the reservoir on top of Nonesi’s neck. This water will be used to expedite the filling of the pipeline once the repairs are complete and in the interim if there is surplus water it will be diverted to Komani.