Lizelle Maurice Appointed as the New BKCOB Executive Director
April 16, 2021

Opportunity For Agri-Businesses to Link With U.S Markets

USAID TradeHub is partnering with ONTDEK CPG, Inc (, a Texas-based route-to-market company and part of the Mergon Group of companies (majority-owned by the Mergon Foundation, South Africa). The international trade consulting and marketing company stewards and helps agri-innovation brands from Southern Africa to link and list them with U.S. retailers and distributors.

The company has partnerships with U.S. distributors and retailers such as Advantage Solutions, Albertsons, Daymon, Dollar Tree, HEB, Kroger, KEHE, UNFI, Whole Foods, Safeway, and Seven-Eleven.

They are inviting a maximum 10 interested export-ready and support-ready firms, on a cost-sharing basis. The purpose of the partnership is to increase exports from targeted Southern Africa countries to the United States under AGOA. The four-month (renegotiated) route-to-market $6,000 service suite is on a cost-sharing basis, with USAID TradeHub covering 60% ($3,600) while the exporter covers 40% ($2,400). Under this arrangement, ONTDEK CPG, Inc will:

·         Provide ROUTE-TO-MARKET solution, bridging the gap between Southern Africa and North America businesses, providing a holistic offering including logistical, sales, marketing and administrative support to enter new markets.

·         Present selected exporters’ product ranges for sale to retail buyers in the USA. This sales function is at the heart of this partnership between USAID TradeHub and ONTDEK.

·         Assist exporters to develop U.S. standard promotion and sales material that will effectively include key information including product categories, production capabilities, order minimums, international export experience, pricing and certifications (all as required per individual opportunity),

If interested in this opportunity, kindly urgently complete and return the attached form by April 22, 2021.