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Productivity SA – Business Turnaround and Recovery

GMR Strategic Management Executive Director, Guy Rich, has recently been appointed to the Productivity SA Business Turnaround and Recovery Panel (BRT). 

BTR has been running since 1998 and seeks to assist distressed businesses by providing support, guidance, assistance and advisory to prevent job losses, help business to “reinvent” themselves and, in so doing, stabilise and grow the economy.

The mandate of BTR is aligned to section 32(g) of the Employment Services Act and seeks to “minimise retrenchment and prevent job losses”

Given the current climate, one imagines that there are many business in and around the Border-Kei region that are distressed.  If you or a business you know needs assistance, kindly get in contact with Guy – BTR may be able to help.

Qualifying criteria include (this criteria could be amended if warranted):

  • Must be a registered entity, with 2 years operation and minimum 20 employees (BTR criteria)
  • Must have a physical premises
  • Be compliant with UIF regulations
  • Valid tax clearance
  • 2 years audited financials or independently reviewed management accounts proving decline/distress

Process to follow:

  • Distressed company to get in touch with Guy Rich
  • He will arrange an on-site interview with the relevant persons to gather key information
  • He will complete a report on the company in distress, assist the company to complete the application form and application letter and then submit to Productivity SA BTR
  • He will then provide feedback on the outcome of the application (successful or unsuccessful)
  • If successful, Productivity SA BTR will then appoint the turnaround specialist(s) – possibly including Guy Rich as a BTR panellist – and the intervention will start

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Guy Rich on 082 491 0139, or send him an email to guy@gmrsm.co.za.